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Retail Industry Bond Street

Vigil has been chosen to provide the end to end security solutions and maintenance for over 10 Luxury retail clients located on Bond Street London, famous for having the highest density of haute couture stores anywhere in the world.

The Retail Problem

British Retail Consortium’s annual Retail Crime Report revealed in 2016 that the total cost of theft to the retail industry was £613, 000,000. The report reveals that the increased value of items stolen compared to the drop in total number of crimes has led industry experts to conclude that crime against retailers is increasingly being carried out by sophisticated criminals stealing to order (potentially targeting luxury retail brands).

The report also shows there has been a significant increase in violence and abuse against staff in recent years, highlighting the importance of a strong and reliable system.

The Vigil Solution

We adhere to our comprehensive maintenance schedule of our cameras and other security devices to ensure cameras and devices are in full working order 24/7 365 days a year.

In case of emergency, Vigil Security provide our high-end retail clients with emergency support and backup when needed e.g. when new display installations can obscure the CCTV camera view leading to emergency camera replacement. We also understand these works often need to take place outside of business hours so our teams often work through the night to ensure cameras are fitted securely before the next working day.

Building alterations and constructions on Bond Street are tightly controlled to ensure the street’s appearance and upkeep are unaltered. As independent specialists we can find the perfect CCTV camera devices that meet the right balance of technology and functionality without affecting the aesthetic of the brands image.

How do we keep our Retail Clients Happy?

  • Quality products
  • Service that exceeds expectations,
  • Good communication
  • Flexibility