About Vigil

Vigil Security is first and foremost in the business of protecting customer investment and profitability by developing partnerships and designing systems to mutually secure premises, plant and personnel.

Protection begins with a risk and vulnerability assessment leading to a unique site specification balancing cost against the need for Access Control, CCTV and Intruder Alarms. An agreed perception of the level of risk may dictate the need for an integrated system combining surveillance, intruder detection and defined levels of controlled access with on-site or remote monitoring and management.

As well as serving the industrial, commercial and retail sectors Vigil Security systems protect schools, hospitals and public sector buildings. Many such contracts specify on site personnel with Criminal Records Bureau clearance. For flexibility in allotting staff for planned maintenance and 24/7 emergency response all Vigil Security staff have such clearance. Selected personnel, permanently assigned to public sector locations deemed high risk have enhanced CRB clearance.

As an independent specifier without allegiance to particular manufacturers Vigil is free to utilise the many combinations of electronic security that ever advancing technology allows. Vigil has Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board accreditation, ISO 9001 Quality Management approval and works in accordance with all relevant British Standards

SSAIB Certified
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