Closed Circuit Television


The major innovation of recent years has been IP CCTV. These cameras turn images into data which is then transmitted over an existing or dedicated security network. The system improves camera performance, gives greater flexibility and ease of installation. CCTV is also used to monitor production processes and staff performance, particularly in the retail environment

Advanced technology allows the choice of specific indoor or outdoor camera types for specific purposes from distant perimeter surveillance, scanning open areas such as lorry and car parks to close-up views of entrances or loading bays. Cameras can capture images in greatly varying light conditions from bright sunshine to dim night lighting. Systems can be integrated with access control, alarms and intruder detection devices and added to IT infrastructure, programmed to send texts or e-mails advising of both approved and unauthorised entrances to premises.

It has been estimated that a large number of CCTV installations are operated illegally in failing to comply with the Data Protection Act. Footage obtained from such systems is inadmissible as evidence. It is also common for CCTV evidence to be challenged and dismissed because of poor picture quality. Vigil Security routinely advises on these issues during the site survey and tender process.

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